Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Does Canada Really Matter in the 21st Century

Arthur Kroeger (far left) with four of the founding members of AKCESS (Arthur Kroeger College Educational Students' Society) at our first event 

l-r Crispin Bottomley, Ryan Androsoff, Kevin Reichstein, Johnathon Larose

Back in 2001, the Arthur Kroeger College Educational Students' Society held their firtst Policy Conference. The theme was ""Does Canada Really Matter in the 21st Century?" 

We set up three groups Politics, Economics and Social and each worte a paper which we presented. We were able to hear comments from Chancellor Kroeger. Later, one of the Carleton Professors at NPSIA wrote a book called "While Canada Slept" if he was to write another chapter to his book (I think we gave him the idea but he didn't give us credit) this editorial by John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail could easily be substituted for his chapter. Our middle power, peace-broker days are a thing of the past and Mr. Harper putting rookie MP's into junior cabinet positions (Mr. Kent) is evidence that he just doesn't understand Canada in a global sense. Before becoming PM you should have to take some international relations courses. An MA in Economics really doesn't help you that much when it comes to foreign affiars.

I have included the first few lines to peak your interest.

As Obama bestrides the world stage, Canada has nothing to say

President Barack Obama arrives on the world stage armed with new approaches to global diplomacy, the environment and, it appears, trade. Never has Canada been less equipped to respond to the American challenge.

A succession of minority governments has left our foreign policy in a shambles and our foreign service paralyzed. On trade, on global warming, on peace in the Middle East, on the emerging Third World powers - on anything that matters, Canada has nothing to say. When we do speak, nobody listens.

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