Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowing in Yellowknife - We're OK send the army to London instead

We had about five inches of new snow tonight and some pretty big drifts too. (I'm going to get out and shovel in the morning) It was kind of like "snow machine" snow you know the kind you get at the ski hills if you ski in the East like I do. 

A friend of mine Joyce A. is living in London, England and she had a few pictures from the "BIG" snow storm over there. Of course England being like Toronto shut down and was on the verge of calling in the army to get things moving again. Here in Yellowknife the pool was a little quieter tonight but I am not sure it is directly related to the snow as quite a few people walked to the pool. It helps that the temperature has risen to negative ten!

Here is one of Joyce's pictures - I hope she doesn't mind me showing you. It is really neat to see the glow of London. 

photo by: Joyce Achampong

Tonight I was reading the Brock Press and realized that it is "Election Time" again at Brock. As a veteran of a few elections, I like to say my record of involvement is 1-1-1-1 or 1 win (Michael Miller) 1 loss (Victor Genova) 1 loss but nullified (Bryan Hicks #1) and 1 win in a re-vote (Bryan Hicks #2)  I was also involved running myself as a floor rep. to the Rideau River Residence Association. 

For those of you who have never been involved as a campaign manager or as a candidate in a Student Government position, I will let you know that the hours are long you have to be the first one in the halls and the last one to leave. You need to know where, when and what classes are being held and who teaches them to get to introduce your candidate to the student body. You have to know the Election By-Laws inside and out, many times it has meant the difference between an infraction and not. You also have to be aware of what is going on in other campaigns, and know all the issues just as you candidate does because if he's not there you are. It helps to have a ladder license and to be able to get you posters up before anyone else, remember location, location, location. And at then end of the two weeks the one thing that you'll never forget is that "art-work" book on television that the pages keep turning and turning and turning. Thank goodness they've moved that out of Thistle into Academic South.

If you were at Brock between 2001 and 2006 you might recall:

Fortune Cookies
--------> DART<----------
Filthy Chairs
Election Points
What can "Brown" do for you
Duct tape
The sucker swimming pool

I made some great friends through the elections, so if you should ever get the chance, take the time to help out. If you don't please, please take the time to listen and vote.

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J said... was good times in London! Glad you like the photo!