Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good For You Fort Erie --- Crashed Ice

I was reading the Niagara Falls Review online and came across the story where local residents in Fort Erie have worked to secure the "Hospital" status of the Douglas Memorial Hospital. I know that the NHS has not been very smart about making decisions the last 10+ years. An example of this would be linking NOTL as a St.Catharines Hospital town. If you look up the distance from the Court House or Town Hall to the WEST St.Catharines proposed hospital site compared to GNGH you will see that Niagara Falls is closer yet the NHS wants NOTL to pay for the new WEST St.Catharines Hospital. I think the hospital executives and the not local LHIN need to take some geography lesson before they meet again. 

Several Fort Erie residents arranged for a local electrical contractor to scale a tower at the west side of Douglas Memorial Hospital and put a chain across the letter H on the building, in a symbolic protest against a hospital restructuring plan.

Mike DiBattista, The Review

Has anyone heard of the RED BULL CRASHED ICE in Quebec City? I remember seeing something like this a few years ago when they tried it the first year. The finals were held today.

If you have seen the Olympic Boarder-Cross event it is kind of like that. Imagine peeding down the frozen iced streets of Quebec City, on SKATES...  Top speed was 44.3 km/h

What a way to see the Ville de Quebec. 

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