Tuesday, January 6, 2009

warmer in yellowknife - choose 49

I has been a little warmer here in Yellowknife recently. By warmer I mean around negative thirty to negative twenty five. I think I heard that it was even minus twenty three yesterday. 

I wanted to publicly congratulate Melissa (my one and only sister) on passing her statistics course with an approved grade for her major. This was the course she was most worried about but now that is behind her. Way to go Melissa. Don't forget to apply to graduate. 

I was looking at some Niagara news and want to remind Grade 8 parents that intention sheets are due at the end of the month and NDSS needs to get up to 350. While I attended private school in St.Catharines both of my siblings enjoyed their run at NDSS. Go have a look at their open house. Remember that they have applied to be an International Baccalaureate school. Have a look at http://www.friendsofndss.com/ for information on what is happening and what you can do to promote the school.

If anyone has a spare 11.9 million laying around and you want to pay high property taxes then you can buy the Aivery on River Road from Larry Vann. He isn't doing a very good job of marketing the qualities of the site focusing on the high property taxes rather than the Location, Location, Location motto you hear so often in real estate. On that note don't forget to www.callkarl.ca Karl's wife is named Pauline and in other news Pauline's on Queen Street in NOTL is closing after many long years.   

Get ready to polish the ice bar the Niagara Ice Wine festival is just around the corner. If you havent been to the NOTL version you should check it out. I have always meant to get out to the one in Jordan but never got around to it. For those who do go enjoy responsibly think of checking it out with www.niagaraclassiccars.com 

Up here in Yellowknife some of the news has recently been (from nnsl.com)
A long-fought battle to keep Tin Can Hill from residential development was won by city coun. Mark Heyck on Dec. 8. The first step in rezoning the area as a parks and recreation site took place when city council passed a motion, although not unanimously, to amend the zoning bylaw and remove references to the hill from the 2004 General Plan which targeted the area as a spot for future residential development. Heyck said the 80-acre area, surrounded by 180 acres of undeveloped land, should be saved as a piece of wilderness in the heart of Yellowknife. Only Coun. David Wind voted against the motion, instead questioning administration about the issue further during committee meetings.


Jolene Hughes was named the new president for Caribou Carnival during the annual general meeting on Dec. 4. She said she had gone to the meeting, which had only seven other volunteers attend, with plans only to volunteer.

Hughes, a native of small town Ontario, is in her early 20s and has never volunteered for the carnival before. She ran her first meeting for the event a few days later on Dec. 6.

"I think we need to be positive about it or nothing is going to work," said Hughes. Also elected to the carnival's board was Catherine McManus, who signed on as treasurer.

In National news Have you heard that the CBC is planning a playlist for President Elect Obama? They are planning 49 from North of 49

Give it a look and vote for your favourties and then later you can choose from a smaller list. 


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