Thursday, January 15, 2009


After work today I thought it would be fun to compare temperatures between here in Yellowknife, NOTL and in North Bay where my sister is. 

And the results: North Bay wins it's the coldest there then seperated by only TWO DEGREES is Yellowknife and finally NOTL.

Today was a pretty good day here in Yellowknife. I was home from work with a migrane yesterday and had a chance to make some phone calls home instead of trying to call after everyone is in bed back in Niagara. Thanks to everyone who I talked to. I'm doing much better now. 

Did you see the emergency landing in he Hudson River. Wow the flight crew did a great job and the emergency responders (especially FDNY) performed just as expected with honour. 

I have the next two days off and hope to be able to get you some pictures from Yellowknife and the surrounding area. I am thinking about going to the museum and legislature too.

There is talk around town that the temperature might even get to zero! Break out the Bermuda Shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

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[D] said...

Wow man! I'm from Brazil, and I never see snow closer. Sounds creep to me the Canadian temperature and are really cool see the "real true" arounde the world for the web. Have a nice travel! Keep rock.