Saturday, January 24, 2009

NOTLiving up to it's potential

So the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is looking for a new CAO. I decided to click over to the website of the town at and I noticed that the town does not have the CAO position posted. What’s with that. I really think that council has gone a little off the mark with this one you know, free advertising on their website and they are probably paying some Bay Street consulting firm big dollars to headhunt for a new “Lew” and the firm hasn’t told them to use their own resources to help the firm in their work.

Up here in Yellowknife they are looking for a Pool Maintainer and a Baling Facility Attendant. The City of Yellowknife is also looking for a Boxing and Wrestling Commission member.

I was sitting up here in Yellowknife on my day off today and decided to watch an old movie favourite of mine “Back to the Future Part 1” when it occurred to see what I could dig up on it now that we are in the internet age. Here is what I came up with.

On the site They came up with this theory that Everyone is familiar with the classic “Johnny B. Goode” scene from Back to the Future and the accompanying controversy: how dare the filmmakers insinuate that a white kid (Calvin Klein/Marty McFly) actually invented rock & roll instead of a black guy (Chuck Berry)? Haven’t white people stolen music from black people enough already? This sort of knee-jerk reaction completely disregards the evidence on hand. Once and for all, let’s put this myth to bed. Marty McFly did not invent rock ‘n’ roll. He did not give Chuck Berry the song “Johnny B. Goode.” Don’t believe them check this out….

I was looking a few other sites and found a gallery of really interesting trees.

And for anyone who was in Professor Graham's 2nd year policy class with me at Carleton you'll remember our exam question that asked us to map out the policy creation, implementation and evaluation for getting Corrections to ban smoking ... while the NWT is implementing this same policy in April of 2009.

My friend Martin sent me this video on Youtube and I thought I would pass it on to you. It makes you appreciate what a mother goes through. Thanks mom.

What is going on where you are? Send me an e-mail it would be great to hear how you are doing.

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