Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snowing in Yellowknife

Minus 10 and snowing like the Dickens...  (

I taught some more lessons today some group and some private/semi-private lessons today did some guarding and then a group of us went to Boston Pizza after work. 

When I got back to Ian's I was looking at the TORONTO STAR and came across the two luckiest guys in the world in 2009 so far. Stranded at sea for 25 days in an icebox in shark infested waters off of Australia.

For the students who were awaiting the York University strike vote, 63% of the 69% of CUPE members voted to reject the offer. This puts not only the fall winter semester into July but also messes up summer studies there too. If the strike goes to Friday it will be the longest University strike in Canadian history. With the University saying its not going back to the table, an arbitrator might have to be called to solve this impasse and Queen's Park might have to act too. For the students I am really sorry about this news.


My friend Ryan Androssoff was at the inauguration today along with his classmates from the Harvard Kenned School of Government. You can read what he wrote on his blog and what he wrote for the HKS blog too.

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