Friday, January 23, 2009

TWO DAYS OFF --> Happy Birthday Melissa


I have the next two days off and am looking at contacting Aurora Village to see about getting out with the Japanese tourists (I'll think I'm back in Niagara Falls) to see the Aurora Borealis. I also should look into going for a dogsled ride too come to think about it. Charlene a friend of Amanda's just did it so I might get in touch with her about who she went with.

Did you know that Lewiston is now on Google Maps Streetview. If you do a look up of 472 Center Street, Lewiston, NY you can see an image of the Frontier House,_New_York) 

(or for anyone born in the 1980's, where the McDonalds with the drive thru window on the wrong side was... this was one of only two in the world with it on the wrong side) 

I was looking at some different articles on the Toronto Star website tonight and came across this article on a 1958 Supermarket that was recently designated in Scarborough. As someone interested in heritage, I decided that I would share it with you too. A lot of times we make judgements on different parts of our built heritage. One of the places this happens is at Willowbank Estate. When I was a tour guide, many people would ask me "what are you going to take it back too?" Thankfully, we have an estate plan in place now and students who have done research and reasoned with this issue. I am happy to say that they have not overlooked the later era's of the home and gone for a purely 1830's idea. We are going to come to a point where we have erased a lot of our history. The next time you drive through Virgil take a look at some of the 1950's architecture and realize that some day council might move to designate those places too. 

Supermarket evokes time when suburbia seemed heroic -->

The Yellowknifer (the local newspaper) is looking for your opinion. Agree? Disagree? Can you add more information to the discussion? E-mail - You can sign your own name or make one up. Your email address must be real but it will be kept confidential

Immediate refund for cancelled Jazz flights?

Once again, Air Canada Jazz was grounded after temperatures dipped below -40 C over New Year's. The Bombardier jets the company uses aren't rated for these kind of temperatures. Passengers were told they could wait for the next available flight or a fly at a later date. Is that fair? Or, because Air Canada has decided to remain unprepared for the extreme cold, should they just refund tickets when their planes can't fly?

Here is a good article to sum up what is going on with the York University strike.

Why McGuinty lets York University strike drag onProvince is worried Supreme Court ruling bars back-to-work bill

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