Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 5 --> Edmonton to Peace River Alberta

Day 5 --> Edmonton to Peace River Alberta 487 kms.

Total distance travelled so far is now 4,103 kms. To drive from Niagara-on-the-Lake to San Diego would be 4,162 kms. 

After a day of record high temperatures for Alberta (Drumheller was 17c ...) the morning cooled off to just below zero. I headed to the downtown to see the legislature and alog the way I came across a Mountain Equipment Co-op where I bought a couple of things. I also realized that I forgot to pack my snowpants so I will have to get them mailed up to me. I left the store to a light snow which got heavier as the morning went on.

I drove up to the Legislature which is blocked at all entrances by sheriffs and there is no parking nearby. I illegally parked my car, told the security guard I was from Ontario and I have been taking pictures of buildings all across Canada and I would only be a minute. He let me park and then I was on my way. I stopped for lunch at the Telus HQ and gt my phone plan changed (same number I just lowered my data plan as there is no 3G north of Alberta.)

I never realized the depth of the valley that the river in Edmonton is. Driving down a steep grade and then through the valley when it is snowing and there hasn't been any salt or plowing was slow. Message to the Dept. of Highways in Alberta: "Get away from sand and gravel" You people are pathetic put some salt down it would make your province look a lot nicer. Everyone s in a big truck anyways so salt don't sand. The filth of the roads is ridiculous. Another thing is that the ministry should make sure that 18-wheelers have mud/sand flaps.

As I left the city, the snow stopped and there was a divided highway to Valleyview. I drove past Mayerthorpe and got some fuel in Whitecourt. From Valleyview to Peace River is a 2 lane highway I was lucky it was dry but the speed of the logging trucks and others going in the opposite direction nearly blows you off the road. My mom would be proud that I listened to the CBC radio (the only reason is to keep up to date with what is going on in Ottawa)

I made it into Peace River at about 8PM my earliest stop yet as this was only a half day drive to make a half day drive on Wednesday too. I did some e-mailing and telephone calls from the hotel and then went to Boston Pizza for dinner. While I was there I got talking to the owner who blames British Columbia for this mess not Quebec. He said that if they hadn't voted in the number of NDPers then Harper might have got his majority. He and the bartender spoke to the western view that anything west of Ontario doesn't matter to the Liberals and they brought op the old quote "Let the .... freeze in the east." I wonder how Justin Trudeau is felling with all his fathers work to keep the country together. I then took the rest of the night watching news about the "Harpocolypse"
Listening to constitutional experts got me thinking about what it would take to get a few liberals to move over to the other side. There have to be some in that party who are ABD - Anyone But Dion. Please someone tell Mr. Harper to check his facts about the flag. That is going to come back to bite him during question period. I think that the Fiberal-NDPers are going to pull the hansard to see when the Conservatives and Bloc voted together. I don't think that Mr. Layton got that message out over the drama-queen Dion (who really needs to learn to speak in French instead of English) I have also been trying to get the Quebec election angle on this. (from the CBC)

"Marois favours the Liberal-NDP coalition because she said it would help the Bloc get a more favourable equalization deal for Quebec. The Bloc has promised to support the coalition, should it gain power, for at least 18 months. Dumont called the federal crisis "unbelievable, frankly," saying the Bloc could have gained as much for Quebec by pressing Prime Minister Stephen Harper instead of lending a hand to efforts to overthrow him. Dumont also blasted Marois for backing the Bloc deal."

'We can see clearly that this country doesn't work.'

PQ Leader Pauline Marois

On another chord, what takes the Governor General so long to get back to Canada. We have a fleet of A-320's on standby and she can use one of the Bombarier Global challengers. She must use the same travel agent Jean Chretien used when the King of Jordan died bak in 1999 hen he was skiing with me at Whistler and said that he couldn't make it there in time. (in fact I looked it up and he could have made it there flying on commercial flights) The Governor General's interview in Prague has her looking scared. At this time, I hope that she prorogues Parliament.

Here is a flight I found for her in first class : 9:55 am Depart Prague (PRG)Arrive Ottawa (YOW) 6:24 PM Duration: 14hr 31min connecting through Frankfurt and Washington on United
I heard that Parizeu would comment on the Coalition of the three parties (oops I mean the 18 month agreement of support for the two parties who have less seats than the Conservatives.) Anyone who doesn't believe that the bloc is the ones in the drivers seat are as oblivious as Mr. Dion. The BLOC are not to be trusted.

Here is what he said: L'ancien premier ministre Jacques Parizeau a salué sans aucune réserve «la victoire impressionnante» que viennent d'obtenir Gilles Duceppe et le Bloc québécois pour la formation d'un gouvernement de coalition à Ottawa.

The former premier Jacques Parizeau welcomed unreservedly "impressive victory" just to get Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois to form a coalition government in Ottawa. In a telephone interview yesterday afternoon, Jacques Parizeau said that "this victory sweeping all the hesitation that Quebeckers can have on the usefulness of the Bloc in Ottawa."

Quebec has obtained, he said, of "tremendous gains" in favor of interest "for its artists, its workers and all those who might be in difficulty facing the economic crisis that threat.

P.S. Gerrard Kennedy just told Mike Duffy he wouldn't put it past Stephen Harper to enact the War Measures Act (unfortunately, Mr. Kennedy it is now called the Emergency Act) and Why is Bill Richardson speaking in Spanish to accept the nomination as Secretary of Commerce.


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