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If you live in Delaware STAY OFF THE ROADS!

If you live in Delaware STAY OFF THE ROADS!

Thanks Judge! The people of Delaware will remember you at your re-election. I hope that you realize what you have done. 

At an Oct. 17 court hearing, the state couldn't prove that Taye was driving the car and stayed the case, Pulgini said.

"We have been fighting this for a year," Pulgini said. "I told them, 'What are you waiting for, for him to kill somebody? Then it's going to be too late.' "

Calls to Cecil County Deputy State's Attorney Michael Halter or to Taye's defense attorney, Edward Rollins III, were not returned Tuesday.Delaware state police continue searching for a light-colored Honda Accord seen pulling up at the scene minutes after the crash, Whitmarsh said. The Honda driver helped Taye into his car and took off, leaving the BMW at the crash scene. Police are asking anyone with information on the driver's identity to call detectives at Troop 2 at 834-2620, ext. 0, or Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333.

Chief Billy Goldfeder

Just when you thought the circumstances related to the horrific hit and run Line of Duty Death of Delaware City (DE) Firefighter Michelle Smith couldn't get any does. This isn't the first time that career criminal Joseph Taye was involved in a hit and run....why, just one year ago, the paraplegic Taye...yeah, paraplegic... (Taye was paralyzed from the waist down in July 2005 when he was shot outside a bar) was involved in another previous hit and run crash in Maryland that left two women injured, one seriously. When police found the wrecked silver 2004 BMW after that late-night crash Nov. 30, 2007, they discovered a 4 foot wood stick in the rear seat area.
Incredibly but I guess, not surprisingly for a career criminal, Delaware State Police found a stick just like the other "I drive because I WANT to -- stick" last Saturday, inside the same BMW, after that crash that killed Firefighter Smith in the Line of Duty. In both crashes, the cops think that career criminal Taye was using that stick to operate the brake and gas pedals...the BMW was not even equipped with handicapped devices that would allow a person, career criminal or not, whose legs are paralyzed, to drive. Even one with a suspended license.
You see...Criminal Taye blew off the law and drove anyway-because he must have simply "wanted to"..even though his driver's license had been revoked.
But he really didn't care.
He had places to go.
People to see.
And a Firefighter to kill.
Well, not intentionally some might say. Well if he didn't intentionally obey the law, then he intentionally broke it. Sounds like we are being too rough?
He could have killed you.
Your family.
Your kid.
More Firefighters.
He killed a kids Mom who happened to be a Firefighter.
Get the picture?
Being too rough? Criminal Taye roughly shot his middle finger up at anyone who obeys law.

Cops say there was only one person in that BMW last Saturday night, which was abandoned at the crash scene after Criminal Taye ran down FF Smith....and they found a wooden stick by the open right front passenger door. And now, this one will shock you: they also found booze bottles in the front seat and a wheelchair was in the back seat. And believe it or not, Criminal Tayes fingerprints were found in the car! How did he get away? He can't walk. Well...someone in a Honda pulled up and drove Criminal Taye away.
From the scene.
With a critically injured Firefighter laying there.
Someone just picked up criminal Taye and drove away.
Just like that.
On Monday, Taye was charged with manslaughter, second-degree assault, driving while his license was revoked, leaving the scene of a crash and failure to report a crash in the Saturday night accident that killed FF Smith and left 30-year-old biker Edward Reiss in critical condition.
Very unfortunately, Taye was then released from Delaware's Young Correctional Institution on Tuesday after posting a measly $37,000 bail, just in time for Christmas. Did we mention that career Criminal Taye has a criminal record dating way back to 1998, which includes charges of assault, resisting arrest, marijuana possession, possession of a firearm, resisting arrest and traffic violations? Yep...he follows the rules all real obvious in-your-face reasons that HE should remain behind bars after killing a Firefighter, are there?
Like it or not, Criminal Taye has his freedom for now. Think he could very potentially find a new stick and get someone to help him go cruising on the highways again? What are the odds of THAT happening...again? It would probably be wise for everyone to stay of the roads in Delaware for a while. Why didn't the judge think of what Criminal Taye might do to repeat history, again? Who will be Criminal Tayes next victim as he flips off the law and goes stick-cruiz'n. The judge should have thought of that. Some judge.
Who will be Criminal Tayes next victim? While Criminal Taye decides where and how he wants to travel next, the remains of the late Firefighter Michelle Smith awaits the members of her family and the Delaware City Fire Company to prepare for her burial.
Some trade off.
The Secret List 12-26-08 / 1400 hours  

It is with deep regret that we advise you of the Line of Duty Death of Delaware City Fire Company (DE) Member Michelle Smith, age 29. As you know, Smith was operating at the scene of a motorcycle crash Saturday evening when she was struck and critically injured. Her injuries were too severe and she has now tragically died in the Line of Duty.
The Delaware City Fire Company was providing ambulance coverage for the Wilmington Manor Fire Company that evening. Upon arrival at the crash, and initial assessment of the patient, FD Ambulance Driver Michelle Smith, 29, was assisting the EMT on scene with patient care. A County Police Officer stopped to assist with traffic control, as rescue and fire police units from Wilmington Manor began to arrive. A vehicle that attempted to avoid the incident scene struck the County Police vehicle and then swerved around the Delaware City BLS unit, striking Ms. Smith. The driver of the vehicle then fled the scene. Ms. Smith was treated on scene by New Castle County Paramedics and EMT's from Wilmington Manor and Goodwill Fire Companies. She was transported with extensive traumatic injuries and has now succumbed to those injuries. Police are narrowing in on the suspects in this hit and run...and now, potential murder.
Our most sincere condolences to the members of the Delaware City Fire Company but especially the young Daughter, her family and friends of Michelle Smith. Here is their home page:
The Secret List 12-22-08 / 1200 hours  

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