Monday, December 15, 2008

Pictures Along the Way

Pictures Along the Way

I thought I would give you all the links to the many pictures that I have taken along the way.

I have also included a folder of pictures taken in Yellowknife.

Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin

Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba

Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta

Northern Alberta to Yellowknife


Today was in the minus teens and it felt warm enough to wear a sweatshirt or a windbreaker after the minus 40s and 50s of last week.

Today a new lifeguard arrived so we are up to three full time guards now with one more to be hired. The part-time staff are doing a great job filling in during the lifeguard shortage.

I have had a chance to look around the downtown a little more than on my last two visits to Yellowknife when I was on foot venturing past the pilots memorial and travelling up to the new Niven Road subdivision (think Youngstown Estates or Calegero size homes) Today I also went to the Multiplex Facility. It is a twin pad with lots of seating at both sheets. There is also a large gymnasium (maybe two) it is a huge place and hopefully I will get in there to do some indoor activities.

Sorry there haven't been more postings in the last week. I guess after the long drive and starting my new job I just needed to take a rest. I will get back into it soon enough.

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