Sunday, December 28, 2008

A lazy mans post today - look at abandoned london from another blog

Today I took a trip out to Prelude Lake about 40 minutes away from Yellowknife to visit the cabin/cottage that Michele's boss owns. We got back in the late afternoon so Colleen could catch her flight. (She made it as far as Edmonton as her connecting flight to Calgary got cancelled because of snow) I hope she makes it in the morning.

I was looking at my friend Marilyn's Blog -

She found this site:

If you have ever been to London you will appreciate these pictures.

Trafalgar Square and St Martins

See other pictures taken by the same photographer. 

I had a similar experience in London back in 2001. I was in London on May Day and there were huge protests and a threat of a transit strike. London Police recommended staying out of the core. The areas around the Cabinet War Room, the boardwalk by the Thames were all similar to the pictures you took. To block parade routes, the bridges were all shut down near the Parliament. It was an eerie feeling. 

Sorry for not coming up wth my own material today. I am headed back into work for three days then get New Year's Day off then one day then two off. Hopefully I can show you a little more of Yellowknife.

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