Monday, December 8, 2008

Minus Thirty Nine Feels Like Minus Forty

Minus Thirty Nine Feels Like Minus Forty


This has been the weather forecast for most of the time I have been in Yellowknife; I did hear that while I was at work today it crept up to minus twenty five. RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE THIS THE TEPERATURE IS NOW MINUS 39c which for those of you reading in the USA or prefer is still minus 38f  !!!

What does minus forty feel like, straight up cold. If you throw a cup of water in the air it will freeze before hitting the ground as snow. I tried this on my last time in Yellowknife two years ago. I plug in my car each night and haven’t had any issues so far. You step outside and the inside of your nose freezes up with ice crystals, your breath hovers as it is too cold to dissipate.  I have had to plug in my car so it will start. Ian tells me that they only got this cold weather when I arrived. Isn’t it nice to know that they are blaming me for this weather.  I just read that they have started to pick grapes for Ice wine in Niagara. I guess I am not alone in the cold.  The roads have frozen here and there are major ruts in the road where people drive. You have to be careful as you drive through the fog coming from everyone’s tailpipe as it is so cold here, it is only going to get colder too. The snow and ice tires have come in real handy.

Yesterday I worked out my receipts and went over to Ian’s to see the Bills game. They need to fire the whole team and management. How can you start so well and then go on to loose game after game after game. Mr. Wilson it is time to clean house. Don’t even bother to waste our time with the remainder of the season, when the Miami Dolphins beat you there are problems with your team you should have played them outside but oh well lets play the team from the south indoors and give them the advantage. You embarrassed Buffalo in the eyes of Trontonians.

I went to the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool today for my first day of work, 8AM-5PM with an hour for lunch. Would you believe me if I told you that eight o’clock here in Yellowknife looks like midnight in Niagara. The same with four o’clock too, at least I only have two more weeks of it getting darker before it starts getting lighter.  It was a pretty good day I didn’t even get wet. We went over different pool procedures, took a look at the maintenance areas and went over pay and schedules. I am going to have four days off at Christmas. Not bad considering the Great Wolf Lodge had me working on the 25th and JVK gave me two or three days when I worked for them. I then get paid for New Years Day too even though I have the day off. I will miss New Year’s Eve at Niagara Falls but will have to settle for watching it instead.  The Facility is a four lane 25-metre pool with a zero depth beach area with wave action. There are supposed to be four full time guards but right now there are only two (including me) so if you know of any lifeguards, send them up.

I have been reading about the incident at Brock and just have to say that the Standard is doing a great job of sensationalizing this story and getting their facts wrong. They wrote that the DSBN has a policy of eight adults to one student (see  School board suspends Brock swims Near-drowning prompts DSBN to put hold on trips to university's pool Posted By MONIQUE BEECH , STANDARD STAFF  Article ID# 1325369) Please don’t believe everything you read in print. 

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